Whitman's DiamaStripper


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• Designed for both right and left handed use
• Square tooth design prevents coat breakage
• Authentic electro-plate diamond plating
• Lightweight – just 3 oz.!
• Precision molded ergonomic handle
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DiamaStripper with Teeth, made for removing undercoat, blending and finishing.

Proper hair growth is extremely important in maintain the coat on a rough coated dog.  If the hair is not pulled correctly the results will not be optimal.  Most conventional stripping tools have a ‘V’ tooth design.  Hair will gather at the base of the V tooth and will ‘cut or break off’ resulting in “Breaking the Coat”.  The DiamaStripper was designed with a square tooth and square gusset style tooth.  The result was NO coat breakage or cutting. The diamond electroplating on the DiamaStrippers prevents slippage of hair.  This, along with the ergonomic handle, allows the person hand-stripping to not over grip while using the DiamaStrippers which helps eliminate arm/hand fatigue.

Made in the USA

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Whitman's DiamaStripper

Whitman's DiamaStripper


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