Whitman's DiamaGroove Detailer


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• Very Safe! Won’t catch on fur. Does not heat or burn
• Detachable
• Fits on select Dremel brand models, Sears, Black & Decker, Craftsman, Wahl, and Andis motors
• Long-lasting, high-quality, and diamond cut
• Groomers Pro 30-Day money back guarantee
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The Diamagroove Detailer sets the ultimate standard for diamond dremel tools used for toenail maintenance. It is designed to outperform any other toenail maintenance device on the market.  Instead of inserting the Diamagroove into the collet on the Dremel (TM) tool, we removed the collet and the collet insert. This makes it so the Diamagroove attaches DIRECTLY to your Dremel. This design virtually eliminates the vibration caused by compromised or worn Dremel-style motors.

The Detailer is designed not only for smaller breeds, in order to easily access their tiny nails, but also for fine detail work on any breed. The Diamagroove tools do not cut your knuckles or their paws. The tiny size of the Detailer allows you to grind even the smallest nails with ease.

This tool is the epitome of comfort while grinding. It offers peace of mind, knowing that heat, vibration, and discomfort are no longer a problem when grinding nails.

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