Nature's Specialties Bath Brush | Dual Sided


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• Waterproof, durable and flexible
• A remarkable deshedding tool
• Gently get product down to the skin
• Use wet or dry on short or long coats


Nature's Specialties Dual-Sided Bath Brush is designed with the same dedication to quality as Nature's Specialties Premium Pet Shampoos and Coat Care Products. The Bath Brush is the perfect bath time tool to make your grooming jobs easier!
Expertly crafted with dual-sided bristles - short on one side, long on the other - our bath brush proves effective on various pets and coat types. Long bristles reach down to the skin by penetrating beyond the top layer of fur, making it a standout choice for pets with longer coats. The short side doubles as a remarkable deshedding tool, making it a must for any pet owner or groomer that deals with excessive shedding. Use the tool for
bath time, deshedding, or massage on coats wet or dry and effortlessly remove dirt, debris, and loose hair from pet's coats with ease.
Product Highlights
  • Waterproof & easy to clean
  • Ideal for bath time, grooming, & massage
  • Durable & pliable rubber brush with dual-sided bristles, making it perfect for short & long coats
  • Can be used on the coat wet or dry
Use with any of Nature's Specialties industry-recognized concentrated shampoos and conditioners to give pets the best grooming experience.
Product Dimensions
Width: 2.75"
Height: 4.5"
Depth: 1.5"

Additional Details

Nature's Specialties Bath Brush | Dual Sided

Nature's Specialties Bath Brush | Dual Sided

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