Joyzze Raptor A-Series Clipper Blades

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• Compatible with any A5 Style Clipper
• Proprietary coated ceramic runs smoother & longer
• Tension point allows for precise tension for a clean cut
• 440C Stainless Steel


Joyzze A-Series Clipper Blades are engineered and calibrated for precision cutting. State of the art manufacturing technologies and processes are utilized to ensure optimal performance and durability. A special proprietary coating is applied to ensure these blades will run cooler and get through any heavy-duty job with ease.

NOTE: The A-Series Joyzze blades are compatible with any A5 style clipper.

Blade Size Cut Length Uses
#40 Blade 1/100"(0.25mm) Surgical prep, hygiene cuts, pads/feet, and face
#30 Blade 1/50"(0.5mm) Feet, pads, sensitive areas
#15 Blade 3/64"(1.2mm) Pads, face, ears, and base of tail
#10 Blade 1/16"(1.5mm) Sanitary trims, spaniels, sporting breeds, terriers; excellent for grooming cats
#7F Blade 1/8"(3.2mm) Ideally use on soft, thinner unmatted coats; provides a smoother result; great for touch-ups
#5F Blade 1/4"(6.3mm) Finishing on longer coats, body trims on terriers, poodles, and similar coats
#4F Blade 3/8"(9.5mm) Used for finishing terriers, short body trims, pet poodle trims
#3F Blade 1/2"(13mm) Use for puppy cuts on shih tzus, poodles, and similar breeds

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Joyzze Raptor A-Series Clipper Blades

Joyzze Raptor A-Series Clipper Blades

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