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Jelly Pet Multi-Purpose Dog Leash

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• Two sizes available. Nine color options
• Create 4 different styles
• Quickly make a slip leash - if needed
• Easily adjust length or create a hands-free style
• 100% Original & Authentic BioThane Material
• No Bacterial Build-Up, Strong, Durable, & Pliable
• Made in the USA


Quickly create a slip leash, if you cannot find a collar and also use it to train your pup. Go hands-free two different ways so you can work as you walk or transform to a two-dog leash. Adjust the length to suit your surroundings: crowded space, shorten the length to 3’; walking an open trail, expand to the full 7’.

To begin - make sure the end with the sliding o-ring is closest to the dog and use a clip to connect to the collar, then follow the instructions below for the style of leash you need. To make different size leashes, use the clip closest to you and attach it to the different o-rings, to achieve the desired length.

Create a Slip Style Leash: In place of a collar create a lasso to slide over the dog’s head - use the clip closest to the dog and fasten to the only sliding o-ring. Recommended for training purposes and in emergency/temporary situations. This leash is most effective as a training aid when positioned toward the top of the neck.

Create a Hands-Free Leash:
Cross-Body: Clip end that is closest to you to the largest o-ring in the center of the leash. Then slide over your shoulder and head, in a cross-body style. (Hang the poop bag holder on the loop that sits on your chest).

Around the Waist: Clip the end closest to you anywhere directly on the leash material; not on rings.

Create a Two Dog Leash: Slide the clip closest to you through the largest o-ring in the center of the leash. Then connect one dog to each clip.

Hitching Leash: Hitch your dog easily. Simply, clip the end closest to you around a pole then secure to the ideal o-ring.

STRONG, DURABLE, & PLIABLE: Made from durable Biothane material. We manufacture this leash with stitching that joins with the internal webbing making it very strong at the joints.

REDUCE BACTERIA AND MOLD BUILD-UP: Jelly Pet Leashes are waterproof and easy to clean.

MADE IN THE USA: American made by Groomers Pro - manufactured in Ohio, assembled in Wisconsin.



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Jelly Pet Multi-Purpose Dog Leash

Jelly Pet Multi-Purpose Dog Leash


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