The Shave Down Season Survival Guide - Part 1: Blades & Clippers

The Shave Down Season Survival Guide - Part 1: Blades & Clippers

Published by Groomers Pro on 25th Mar 2022

Shave down season is here! The "I brush my dog every day" clients are coming for you. We want to help you be prepared for the wave of clients crashing in. Here are some money saving pro tips on blade and clipper maintenance to ensure the longevity of your most important tools. Clean, disinfect, lubricate and store your equipment correctly.

Be Prepared!

Time to stock up on #5 and #7 blades because they're here and going fast! 

Try Wide Blades

Wide blades give you a larger surface area to cut your time in half. Try Artero Wide Blades!

Backup Clipper

We always recommend having a backup clipper because the money you lose by not being able to work, could have bought you countless extra clippers. Never rely on just one.

Cordless Clippers

Most clippers are now cordless and give you the freedom to move to avoid any potential power and cord issues. Here are some of our favorite clippers and trimmers

Corded Clippers

The best part of corded clippers is continuous power and the downside is getting tangled in the cord. Power cords are usually not covered under a manufacturer's warranty, so try to not step on the cord and loosely wound the cord for storage. Our top 2 corded clippers are

Backup/Replacement Battery

Recharge while you groom! Just like a backup clipper, having a backup or replacement battery is key to not needing to stop and charge because time is money! Get your Andis Pulse ZR II Replacement Battery today.

⭐Blade Drives

Your blade drive determines how your clipper runs. If your clipper isn't cutting like it used to, leaving lines in the coat or even dragging in the coat it is time to change your blade drive. If the end of your blade drive is rounded, it is time for a change. Blade drives should be changed about every 6 months, but this also depends on usage of the clipper. Replacing your inexpensive blade drive is a game changer! We carry the following blade drives

Blade & Clipper Care

Make your blades and clippers last!


A brush will be your best friend. Take hair and debris off your clippers and blades with a brush after every appointment. We love the Andis Blade Brush.

Wash your blades in blade wash. Before cleaning your blades, remember to always keep wet blades pointed down so the solution doesn't run inside the clippers. Simply fill the cap of the jar or a shallow dish, submerge your blades in the cleaner and run for several seconds. Discard the blade wash and pat your blades dry. Here are some of our favorite clipper blade cleaning products


After hours of work, cool your clippers down with a cooling spray directly on the blades. This will cool down, lubricate, clean and disinfect your clippers. Blades should be disinfected at the end of every day.


Maximize the performance of your blades by oiling them between cuts. With your clipper/trimmer running, place 3 drops of oil across the teeth of the blade and 1 drop on each back rail. Turn it off and blot excess oil with a clean, dry cloth. We love Andis Clipper Oil and Wahl Clipper Oil.


Don't throw your clippers into a drawer. Keep them on their charging base stations or use a clipper keeper.

Protect and keep your blades from being dropped or damaged. Our favorite way to organize blades are with

Good luck this shave down season! Come back and check our blog for part 2, 3 and 4 of The Shave Down Season Survival Guide!