Shear Sharpening

Groomers Pro are pleased to announce that Tim Laube (formerly of Empire Edgeworks) will be having pop-up sharpening shears on-site in our showroom. Tim will also collect your blades for sharpening and quote for any clippers/dryer repairs. He will be bringing a handful of clipper parts with him. Shear sharpening starts at $20.00 and will be provided directly by Tim Laube, and not Groomers Pro. Payments will be processed directly through Tim. Please check our events page for updated dates when Tim will be here. 

Shear Sharpening FAQs

Do I need to book an appointment?  

No. You do not need to book an appointment.

How much does it cost? 

Shears start from $20.00 and blades from $10.00. Any any specialty shears or custom edges Tim will quote on site. Tim will also quote any clipper or dryer repairs. Payments will be processed directly through Tim, not Groomers Pro. 

Will blades be sharpened on-site?

No. Tim will collect your blades, and return them directly to you. 

Who do I contact if have questions about the sharpening service? 

All services are being provided by Tim so please contact him directly. Click here to email Tim or call/text 214-771-8145.

Is Groomers Pro offering a Sharpening Service now?

No. We are providing a "pop-up" space for Tim Laube and a service for local groomers. All services provided are through Tim and not Groomers Pro. 

About Tim Laube

Meet Tim Michael Laube, one of the best sharpeners in the country, with a specialization in pet stylist shears. With his commitment to quality and unmatched customer service in the 20+ years of pet grooming industry experience - he has earned a reputation as a brand expert and one of the best shear sharpeners and service centers in the country.  He is certified with several major shear brands and is the warranty sharpener for Chris Christensen and Fresh blades.

When he's not busy sharpening shears, Tim is often found conducting workshops and seminars and getting involved with the groomer community at nationwide tradeshow events as the ambassador for Jelly Pet. Tim believes in collaboration over competition and is dedicated to educating pet stylists on the best tools, equipment and sharpening available to keep those fur babies looking fabulous. 

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