Chris Christensen #507 Buttercomb Jill Teasing 8.5'' Comb

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The 507 Chris Christensen Jill Teasing Buttercomb is 8.5-inches, has a 1¼ inch tine from the base with fine density and a staggered type edge finish. The staggered edges of the tines are what makes this comb unique and is great for penetrating dense fine coats from Persian cats or a Coton de Tulear dogs.

The comb is featherweight making a delightful comb to run through coats without fatigue. The delicate tines are gentle and great for fine coats preventing hair breakage. It comes in a silver nickel finish that will not chip or rust.

About All the Chris Christensen 500 Series Buttercombs:

The 500 Series Buttercombs come in three different types a fine/coarse, all coarse and a staggered “teasing” type comb. They are all 8.5 inches long with 1 1/4 inch tines. What sets the 500 apart from the rest of the Buttercombs is the very thin tines and the featherweight making it a pleasure to glide through coats. These combs are great for thin and dense hair of Australian Shepard's, Persian Cats and Golden retrievers.

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