Chris Christensen #504 Buttercomb Fine/Coarse 8.5'' Comb

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The 504 Chris Christensen Buttercomb is an 8.5-inch comb with Coarse and Fine sides. The comb is featherweight making a delightful comb to run through coats without fatigue.

What makes this comb unique from most combs is the thin tines that can penetrate the coat and remove dead hair. The delicate tines are gentle and great for fine coats. It comes in a silver nickel finish that will not chip or rust.

To use this comb, you first want to run the coarse side and then the fine side to remove any dead hair or tangles. The 504 is great for professional groomers and handlers because this type of comb can be used on all coat types. The length of the tines is about a 1¼ inch from the base.

About All the Chris Christensen 500 Series Buttercombs:

The 500 Series Buttercombs come in three different types a fine/coarse, all coarse and a staggered “teasing” type comb. They are all 8.5 inches long with 1 1/4 inch tines. What sets the 500 apart from the rest of the Buttercombs is the very thin tines and the featherweight making it a pleasure to glide through coats. These combs are great for thin and dense hair of Australian Shepard's, Persian Cats and Golden retrievers.

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