Groomers Pro Jelly Grooming Loop Slip Style

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• Two sizes available. Nine color options
• Maintain control to and from client
• Flexible and adjustable
• 100% Original & Authentic BioThane Material
• No Bacterial Build-Up, Strong, Durable, & Pliable
• Made in the USA
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Go from grooming table to tub without switching grooming loops, Groomers Pro Jelly Grooming Loops are waterproof and mold resistant. BioThane is a coating that makes this slip loop durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. With this slip loop, you do not have to worry about mold build-up that most nylon material loops have. Take control of your dog with the Groomers Pro Jelly Grooming Loop and groom with confidence. This loop is easy to use and fits all professional pet grooming tubs and tables.

GROOMING LOOP: The dog restraint loop safely and securely holds the pet's head or haunches on the dog grooming table or in the tub during grooming, bathing and drying. It is an ideal solution for keeping dogs standing in comfort and helps control overly excitable pets from excessive moving.


• Easy to adjust and release; slides to fit the necks of small, medium, and large dogs comfortably.

• BioThane material is waterproof and flexible to last for a long period of time. Being waterproof, helps you move from tub to table in your grooming salon without having to swap out grooming loops.

• Noose loop holds the dog’s neck or abdomen gently but snugly and works great to keep your pups secure so that you don’t need to fight them to stay in the tub while bathing.

• This pet grooming loop helps to keep dogs under control to make it so much easier, pleasant, and quicker to groom dogs.

• The heavy-duty metal snap hook makes it easy to be attached to a grooming table arm or bath firmly.

ADJUSTABLE & FLEXIBLE: Our adjustable grooming loop is easy to adjust because of a flexible slide, so that it can fit most sizes of dogs. It will help prevent the dog from backing out of the noose, which won't tighten or loosen even on the restless animals, making it a comfortable fit, and a humane, safe option for restraining dogs.

MADE IN THE USA: Groomers Pro Jelly Grooming Loops and Leads are manufactured and assembled in the USA. We are proud to support our national economy and local businesses.

Take control of your dog with these BioThane Grooming Loops and groom with confidence!


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