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Greyhound Comb Beauty Sparkle 7.87" x 1.38" Medium Coarse/Fine

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• Popular, versatile original Greyhound comb by Ashley Craig!
• 7½ inches long and available in 4 anti-static finishes, that won’t fade or chip.
• Variety of finishes include Sparkle, Candy, Two-Tone and Suede.
• Handmade in the same factory in England going back over 100 years.
• Manufacturer-backed 6-month warranty and Groomers Pro 30-Day money back guarantee.
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The Greyhound ‘Beauty’ is the most commonly used sized comb used on the market today. Simply because of its versatility - use it on a small Yorkshire Terrier or a breed as large as a Giant Schnauzer. The thin diameter of the tines makes it easy to penetrate the coat, making daily combing easy. When using this comb, you should first glide through the coat using the coarse side first and then move to the fine side. The Beauty comb is a must have for every tack box. 

Choose from four different anti-static coatings Sparkle - as shown here and also Two-Tone, Suede or Candy. All the finishes are smooth and glide easily through the coat, help tame fly-aways and won’t chip. The Suede offers a different matte finish that is textured and can assist in removing dead hair.  

This comb is also available with a silver nickel finish called the “Original Vintage Comb” or a limited edition 22-carat gold version. When you purchase through Groomers Pro we will service your factory warranty valid for 6-months or enjoy 30-day money-back guarantee.

Length: 7.87’’    Width: 1.38’’

About Greyhound Combs:

Greyhound is the oldest comb manufacturer with over 100 years of manufacturing. Products are still handmade in the same factory in England with the same high standards pet groomers, breeders and handlers have learned to love. Greyhound combs pins are inserted pin by pin, hand polished and are made to not bend or fall out.


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