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Greyhound Comb Bambi Silver Nickel 4.53'' Comb

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• Original face and toy breed Greyhound comb!
• 4 ½ inches long and available in 3 different models
• Handmade in the same factory in England going back over 100 years.
• Durable Silver Nickel Finish is for life and won’t fade or chip which makes it a great option for professionals.
• Manufacturer-backed 6-month warranty and Groomers Pro 30-Day money back guarantee.


The Bambi line of Greyhound combs comes in three different models to choose:

  • Fine/Coarse with short tines
  • Fine/Coarse with longer tines
  • All Coarse with longer tines. 

The length of the comb is 4 1/2 inches long making these micro combs ideal for faces, small dogs, cats and very fine hair. The spacing of the fine tines model is slightly coarser than a flea comb. Breeders and handlers use this comb for toy breeds or to finish areas around the face; especially removing eye discharge to prevent tear stains. 

The Bambi line comes in a silver nickel finish that will not rust or chip. When you purchase through Groomers Pro we will service your factory warranty valid for 6-months or enjoy 30-day money back guarantee.

About Greyhound Combs:

Greyhound combs are the oldest pet comb manufacturer with over 100 years of manufacturing. Products are still handmade in the same factory in England with the same high standards pet groomers, breeders and handlers have learned to love. Greyhound combs pins are inserted pin by pin, hand polished and are made to not bend or fall out.

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