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Chris Christensen's Wire Coat Care Bag is for breeds like Scottish Terrier, Irish Terrier, Fox Terrier, and Jack Russell. Wire coat breeds with their harsh rough coats, do not shed and require hand-stripping. Shampoo with Clean Start to remove waxes, oils and resins that weigh down the coat. This vitamin enriched formula allows deep cleansing without stripping the coat of essential oils. Condition with After U Bathe, to effectively seal cuticles, without softening the coat (it also substantially cuts down drying time). Use OC Magic Foam to spot clean dirty beards and still maintain a wiry texture.  

Chris Christensen Wire Coat Bag Set Includes:

  • Clean Start - 16 oz. - Deep clean without stripping the coat of its essential oils
  • After U Bathe - 16 oz. - Delivers outstanding ease of combing and brushing the coat; can also be used as a detangler when diluted
  • OC Magic Foam - 18 oz. - Deep optic clarifying cleansing, will not soften wire coats; Also great for spot cleaning paws on wet, rainy days or after bathing when dogs urinate on clean, dry fur.
  • Breezy Brush - Oval Medium A915 - Brush with a breeze. Medium pliability is perfect for rough wire coat!

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